Are you a hoarder?

29 Jul


Being the child of a hoarder is like living in a nightmare. Your home, the place that is supposed to be your sanctuary away from school and all of the pressures of the outside world is so packed with stuff that you can barely breathe. You can’t find things when you need them, you can’t even cook a meal in your own kitchen. Worst of all, you have to live with the shame of knowing that everyone thinks that your family is disgusting. You can’t bring your friends over to your house and hosting a party is absolutely out of the question.

If you think that one of your parents may be on the verge of a hoarding problem take a look at this new infographic from My Move today. While the information on the infographic is really just for fun, if your parent is actually starting to show a few hoarding tendencies let them know that they can get help before it’s too late.

Do you know someone that may be a hoarder? Get more info at today.

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