Green Roofing For Healthy Cities

26 Jul

The times are certainly changing with regards to where people call home in much of the industrialized world, and one of the biggest trends that government officials have noticed is that, for the first time in over a century, population growth in dense, urban metros is beginning to outstrip that of more spacious, suburban areas that lie outside of the sprawl. The reasons for this are probably numerous, but what it effectively means to city planners in many areas is that they’ll have to start making better use of space in places that are already becoming increasingly tightly packed.

One of the most innovative ways this is occurring is through the use of green roofing. This remarkable and beautiful blending of nature with modern engineering takes advantage of underused rooftops in inner cities to create little oases of carefully curated vegetation, and floral beauty. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way of creating places that give people attending social gatherings to experience the serenity of an evening out in the countryside, but without ever truly leaving the concrete jungle that makes up the lion’s share of their daily experiences.

The Making of A Green Roof

green buildings

Changing the roofing of an urban high-rise to be “green” is a surprisingly simple procedure, considering the large scale of many skyscraper rooftops. To begin with, a thin membrane that’s impervious to water is used to line the entire roof. This will protect the roof from leaking due to exposure to the irrigation that’s necessary to keep the grass growing. Topsoil is hauled in and used as a foundation for grass seed that can then be planted, and allowed to grow over time. Floral arrangements, and other decorations can, of course, be brought in at the discretion of the owner of the building, and allowed to grow in a similar fashion.

The Key Benefits of A Green Rooftop

While it could be said that all of the benefits of green roofing could be accomplished simply by allowing for space in a city to build a park, this ignores some of the key benefits of having what amounts to a miniature park on a rooftop. The space that a building takes up is space that can never be used for a ground level park, after all. Beautifying the top of the building in this way allows for the elegance of nature to share the same vertical footprint as the building itself, which is simply more efficient that creating space for it horizontally.

Additionally, it allows for a level of privacy that simply isn’t attainable in a traditional park environment. This makes it more suitable for people attending private parties, or even political events to be able to enjoy a piece of the outdoor scenery just above them, and without fear of interruption.

People that step out onto a green roof for the first time often remark about how utterly quiet it is, and how surreal it seems that the noise of the city all around them can seem to fade away into the distance while they’re still able to enjoy the grass beneath their feet as though they were on the ground.

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